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Contact Us Form - Quote Information **If you include the type of items you are labeling - this will help us get you the correct samples**
If you have been in contact with us before, please email us directly at

Let us know if you need some samples of NEW TPU Clear labels - NEW Cotton Printed ,Fabric Hang tags, RUBBER labels, Thermal Printed Labels, heat transfer samples, Thick card stock hang tags or Leather samples , and Please include other emails here, as well as Seam allowance (SA) is the room you need for attaching your label to your item, if on then 1/8 should be fine, if in a seam you may need more, and where you need this.
If you include what items you are branding - Denim, kids etc- we will send you related samples....These free samples are not of your label, they are of labels that we have done in the past, so that you can see the quality, fabrics and styles.. All samples outside of USA and Canada are free however require $ 10.00 USD to cover International shipping - payable via paypal   Send your graphic to
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